There is plenty of opportunity for outdoor activates like nature walk, hiking, trekking, estate visits. If you are in no mood to exert yourself you can just chill out without doing anything at all. Get a book from our collection. Enjoy the solitude.

There are lots of interesting places to explore in and around swastha. You can visit nearby estates for coffee, pepper, cardamom plantations, and paddy fields. You can visit local villages and experience Malnad way of life.

Hiking is a good option for outdoor enthusiasts; outdoor activates depends upon the seasons too. You can enjoy the glories sunset during winter months. During rainy season one can experience incessant rains and the greenery all around.

The Green Route "Trek on the Railway Track", as it is well known, is a stretch of track from Sakleshpur to the Subramanya Road Station.

This track, that traverses some distance of the Western Ghats, had been abandoned, but now the track is being converted to broad-gauge.


This section of track has been abandoned for several years, apparently for conversion from metre to broad gauge.

Estate walk

A mind-stimulating game for the sports lovers..

Shooting Spots

place for their living which is generally the highest spot in the garden with excellent views.